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If all goes according to my plans, there will be five articles posted per week. Each day of the week will have a theme, and the articles posted on those days will follow the themes.  I may change the themes at some point, especially if it seems to be a struggle, but here’s what we’re going to do for the moment:

Monday – Catching Up From the Weekend
Tuesday – Trivia/Tidbits
Wednesday – Movies & Media
Thursday – Trivia/Tidbits
Friday – Review of the Week and Weekend Plans

Monday will usually be a follow-up from Friday’s post about my weekend plans.  I’ll talk about things that I ran into over the weekend that were interesting.

Tuesday and Thursday will be days that I talk about interesting trivia or tidbits that I come across.

Wednesday will be a discussion of interesting movies or other media.  I’m not going to limit myself to only movies, though – we may cover TV series or Netflix shows too!

Friday will be in two parts:  A review and weekend plans.  The review could be a book or a movie or TV series.  Weekend plans will cover anything that may be worth keeping an eye on over the weekend.  This could deal with stuff in my life or in the world.

Down the road I plan to start up a “Let’s Play” series on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an hour.  The games will likely be strategy games, and there may be posts on the blog about how they’re progressing.

Another plan that may be in the works is a podcast that would be an hour long and run once each week.  The podcast would cover a variety of topics, acting like a Tuesday/Thursday post. I don’t plan to kick off the podcast unless there’s enough interest in it.

Meantime, I’m getting Monday’s post ready to go, so tune in tomorrow to see what sorts of random things I ran into over this past weekend!

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