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This is my first time posting this so I’m going to be using a format that works well with the randomness of my mind.  Here are five things from the weekend that I thought were worth pondering:

  1. What’s The Crystal Method been up to?  For those not familiar, this is the name of an electronic music group, not the name of a drug.  I began listening to them in high school around 1999/2000, not long after their first album came out.  The last I had heard anything about them was when their third album, Divided by Night, came out in 2009.  Since they take a long time to release new albums, I had not given the matter much thought.  Then I ran across Legion of Boom (their second album, released in 2004) in my music collection on Sunday.  It seems they’re still slow to release new albums – only two more have come out since 2009.  Of course, I imagine you can guess what’s going into my “Drive to Work” playlist this week to combat rush hour.
  2. Why do some cats prefer laps and some don’t?  My two cats are completely opposite when it comes to laps, even though they’re only a year apart in age.  Buttercup, who I call the “Princess” loves to sleep on my lap. She takes my lap so much that I’ve taken to calling her the “Great Lap Thief”.  Tazer won’t touch my lap at all. He’s older than Buttercup yet he’s happy to lay wherever he wants to – anywhere but my lap. Cats are strange.
  3. Why did it take the MLB so long to schedule a Cardinals/Angels series?  I know that this is a big topic in the sportswriting world.  The St. Louis Cardinals are my favorite baseball team. I’ve cheered them on since I was old enough to talk- this will be an entry of its own someday. Albert Pujols was one of my favorite players and I was sad when he reached free agency and chose to join the Angels.  It’s taken a very long time for Major League Baseball to schedule an Angels/Cardinals series in St. Louis. That series started on Friday and concluded on Sunday. Watching Pujols take his first at bat in St. Louis since he left – and the 90 second standing ovation that fans gave him – was a moment I will never forget.
  4. Cable outages suck.  I spent 36 hours – over half of my weekend – with no internet or cable except through my iPad and phone.  I was able to get a very slow connection streaming from my iPad to my computers, but that was it. I found plenty to do, but not having internet reminded me of how much we rely on it, almost as much as power and water.  I wouldn’t go so far to say that it’s “essential”, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes essential.
  5. How does one have 10,000 pictures taken in the last 15 years, but less than 400 in the past six months?  I’m trying to get myself back into photography.  My archives are over 10,000 pictures and many of them are not tagged with keywords.  As a result, it’s very hard to find pictures. This means that it’s very hard to find pictures.  As I was going through the stats, I realized that I haven’t taken many pictures this year. All the pictures I’ve taken this year came on one day.  I’m going to start trying to take pictures on a regular basis, and to make this happen I’m going to try and set a daily goal.

Now on with the week! I hope that everyone out there is set to have a great week – see you here tomorrow,

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