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We’ve decided to change our programming schedule a little bit. We received a very strong suggestion that we dedicate a day to cats rather than “silly things like trivia”. Said suggestor, who will remain nameless, was particularly insistent that the articles be all about her. I can neither confirm nor deny that there were threats involving catnip dynamite. In the interests of my own safety, and keeping everyone happy, welcome to “Toebean Tuesday”.

In-House Updates

I am pleased to report that both cats continue to act like cats instead of, say, dogs. Buttercup continues to attempt to blow the apartment up on a daily basis using catnip dynamite. She swears that, one day, she will figure out how to light it and blow Tazer and myself to the moon. Both of us know better, but as a precaution I have made sure my life insurance will not declare “death by cat” as an “act of God”. Otherwise, she sticks to her normal routine. She lays on my chest in the morning, licks my nose to wake me up, and steals my lap at every opportunity.

Tazer, meanwhile, continues to be a scaredy-cat when it comes to thunderstorms (we get plenty of these in Tennessee this time of year). At the first sounds of thunder he will slink low to the ground as if a giant bird is about to swoop down from the sky and grab him. Then he makes for the bed as fast as he can. He usually comes out from under the bed once the storms are gone. This never stops him from lounging on the patio in the mornings and “supurrvising” the world.

The life of a cat… doesn’t it look so difficult?

Out of Town Updates

From my Facebook and Blogroll News:

  • Please give warm wishes to my friend Amanda, who is trying to catch a couple ferals in her yard. Her first attempts last night were not successful, but that won’t stop her from trying tonight!
  • My sister is in the hunt for the “purrfect” cat to replace one who passed away not long ago. My personal preference is she should get a hyperactive kitten whose only speed settings are “off” and “overload”.
  • Another friend of mine, Caryn, could use warm and comforting wishes. Her two-year old cat passed away rather unexpectedly yesterday and both she and her husband are mourning the loss.
  • I’m taking bets on how long before Grandpa Mason has more kittens to snuggle up with. If you have never heard of Grandpa Mason, or TinyKittens, I encourage you to check out the link above or go to their homepage.

If you have news, updates, or other cat-related items you want to see appear in a Toebean Tuesday article, please comment on this article or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

Martin Toebean Tuesday

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