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Sorry this post is coming late. I’ve been battling sinusitis most of this week and I really did not feel well enough to be writing a post for the blog last night. But that’s fine – it’s still Friday somewhere, even if it is later than 5 PM.

I’m going to call Fridays “Freedom Fridays”, because for many people Friday is the day of freedom from the work week. To celebrate this weekly day of freedom I’ll cover three things that I’m looking forward to this weekend and review something that you might want to watch, read, or listen to if you are in search of things to do.

Unfortunately, our review may have to wait a day or two (or a week), as I definitely don’t think I have enough time today to post it.

Three Things for the Weekend

In no particular order…

Air Conditioning

Yes, this may seem a bit trite, but highs in Tennessee this weekend are going to be the hottest they’ve been all year. This is approaching “typical summer” weather, which means 90+ F for highs and enough humidity to make you think that your front door was actually a portal to a spa (like the Wardrobe). When temperatures start getting that hot, I start thinking about staying inside where it’s cool. That’s not to say that I won’t be doing things outside, of course – just not during the heat of the day.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

I have my best friend to blame for getting me into this anime series, which is wrapping up in Japan this week. I watched the first four or five episodes, but once it wraps up I should be able to easily run through the whole series in a weekend – in the air conditioning. It’s about a guy who gets transported to another world to help defend it. At this point you’re probably thinking, especially if you’re an anime fan, just how the series will play out. He saves the day, gets the girl, et cetera.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

He’s one of four guys, and the other three are also familiar with the trope. Moreover, he’s the one hero that no one seems to want or care about. There’s as much psychology in this series as there is action, and that’s what makes me really want to see how it goes.

The Chance to Take Pictures

Again, if I can manage not to get baked or steamed outside, the weather looks good for outdoor photography. When there aren’t storms in the afternoon (from all that heat and humidity), it promises to be partly cloudy and the winds shouldn’t be that strong. This may be a great chance for me to find some out-of-the-way places and take pictures. If so, you’ll see them soon enough!

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