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The start of July means the official start of summer. Nashville’s already dealing with the heat and humidity, so there’s nothing really new about that. While I was trying to stay cool in the heat this weekend, here were five things that I was thinking about (or discovered) of interest:

  1. Andy Griffith’s start to show-biz was a surprise. Turner Classic Movies, which is one of the cable stations I swear by, was playing an interesting movie on Saturday afternoon. I turned on the TV midway into the movie and spent some time watching it. Andy Griffith’s voice was immediately recognizable (if you’re under 40 and have grandparents, chances are the voice would be recognizable). The movie, though, was hardly what I would have considered from Andy Griffith. The character he played was an amoral radio star who rises to fame on the back of his charm and charisma and winds up too egoistic for his own good. The movie had mixed results when it was released, but now it’s sitting at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Long and short… Lonesome Rhodes (the character in the movie) is far from the character of Andy Taylor that Griffith played in Maybury.
  2. For all the naysaying, Star Trek: Discovery was better than I expected. I’ll admit that, with my illness this past week, I had some downtime and caught up on both seasons of Discovery. When I had watched the first few episodes of Season 1, I’d been unimpressed by what I had seen. But giving it some time and then re-watching all of it gave me some new perspective. I found more tie-ins to TOS (The Original Series) than I had expected. I also see how they were able to write things into the history in a way that didn’t do any major damage to the work that was already out there. Season 2, especially, made me realize why the Federation’s view of technology seemed to take one or several steps back in between the time of Discovery and the time of TOS. I know, my thoughts are going to generate some debate among my friends and readers, and we may not agree on everything… but I do want to see where this series goes now.
  3. When does Lost in Space get a new season on Netflix? Speaking of streaming mini-series, thinking about Star Trek got me to thinking about another streaming mini-series that I enjoyed, and that I am (im)patiently waiting on a new season for. Netflix has confirmed a second season is coming, but we have little to work on. The first season was honestly a lot of fun to watch and brought some really neat twists into the series. They paid some good homage to the original series, including bringing on actor Bill Mumy for a cameo appearance (I still have a hard time believing that he’s been acting since he was six years old (in 1960), so he’s been in acting for 59 years), and there were some other neat little moments as well. But this series has hit its stride and I can’t wait to see Season 2.
  4. A macro lens is a handy thing for a photographer. I didn’t do much photography this weekend, but I did do a lot of reading and research. Most of the lenses I have for my two cameras are standard. But after doing some reading, it looks like a macro lens is a handy thing to have if you like doing very close up photography of objects or creatures. I’m keeping my eyes peeled in the local markets (and ebay) for macro lenses that aren’t going to break my already-fragile bank account.
  5. There are websites that rent camera gear. Alongside my macro lens hunt, I stumbled on a couple sites that rent camera gear for fairly reasonable prices. I did not know these places existed, but they would definitely come in handy if I wanted to “try out” a lens or two without having to shell out the money. The good news is that renting a lens is cheaper than renting a car for the same time period – most lenses go for less than $100 for a week per lens. So if worst comes to worst I can give that a go and see how things go!

There you are… stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Toebean Tuesday” entry. If you have any cat-related news, send it along!

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