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“Behold my lovely toebeans! Be careful – if you try to touch them, I’ll take them away from you!”

Welcome to another edition of Toebean Tuesday, your one-stop news source for the latest antics of Buttercup and Tazer as well as choice cat-related updates from across the Friends List. Let’s see what the cats have been up to this past week…

“Who needs to organize and store clothes? We have naps to take!”

“In-House” Updates

Aside from efforts to keep me from organizing my closet, Tazer and Buttercup continue to cat it up on a regular basis. When I’m not under threat of explosion from catnip dynamite, I’m having to play the “chase game” with them. This game involves chasing one of them around the apartment, usually under the coffee table. After a minute or two of meowing, they finally decide where they want to go next. Inevitably I catch them and pet them and they’re happy and purr. Unfortunately, Buttercup also has a similar game called “Fill the food bowl” which starts out very much like the “chase game”. The only difference is she runs to the food bowl, showing me that it is totally empty. (In reality, it’s halfway full, at least)

We had some pretty serious storms on Wednesday that left Tazer under the bed for a few hours, at least. He finally emerged but was clearly not pleased at all the thunder. Right now there hasn’t been much in the way of storms in Tennessee, so he’s spending most of his days out on the patio (for a few hours, then cooling off inside) and his evenings sleeping wherever he can find a spot inside.

Out of Town Updates

  • It would seem Amanda’s efforts to catch her ferals bore fruit. Using a humane cage bought from Harbor Freight, she’s caught a pregnant mama and mama’s two weaned kittens (as of Friday). She estimates there are a few more running around near where she lives, so she may wind up becoming a Cat Lady before our very eyes!
  • It’s definitely kitten season, and the foster homes are in full swing. If you’re looking for an awesome Facebook group to watch, or live in the southern US and are thinking about adopting, I strongly encourage you to watch the goings and comings of the cats and kittens of Love and Hisses. Trust me, you will be supremely amused!

It’s a quiet update this week, I know, but the good news is I am taking the rest of the week off from work (after today), so there may be some “Breaking News” updates on Facebook.

Got an interesting news story about your cat, or interesting goings-on in the feline world? Drop a comment here, reply on Facebook, hit me up on Twitter, or shoot me an e-mail!

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