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I’ve technically been on my weekend since Wednesday, but who’s counting? Since today is Friday that means the start of the normal weekend – a bonus weekend for me, in other words. Still working on the review… my OCD is battling me to make sure that my first review is an awesome one. Considering that I am reviewing Good Omens, I really want it to be awesome. Meanwhile… here we go!


I took the dive and snagged a few additional lenses this week. Most of them arrive Saturday, the other arrives likely Tuesday or Wednesday. What this means is I will have a greater amount of creativity at my disposal when it comes to taking pictures. I did take a few on Wednesday while out running errands, and I also scouted a few possible places as well while I was at it. If the weather doesn’t cook and boil me alive, there will be pictures to share soon.


You can probably guess what I’ll be watching on Sunday morning. The US Women’s National Team will be taking on the Netherlands in the final of the Women’s World Cup. Considering how the US team has played, this is going to be quite an interesting match to watch. (And you thought I only liked baseball or hockey?)

Some anime goodness

I never had the chance last weekend to watch Legend of the Shield Hero, but I found where the files went so I can fire it up this weekend instead. Also to be added to the list… That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Long title, sounds silly, but I also watched the first dozen or so episodes of this while on my visit in Indiana and it was extremely hilarious! If you’re a fan of the “High Fantasy” genre and an anime fan, then this may be one for you. (I can’t rule out that there may be Low Fantasy elements in this eventually…)

Bonus: Cats

Because… why not? Have a slurp, it’s very tasty!
Martin Freedom Friday!

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