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As you probably saw from Facebook, my weekend actually started on Wednesday.  As a result, I had a longer weekend than usual.  While I could make a longer list (to deal with this longer weekend), I think I’d prefer to stick to five items for the sake of your eyes (and my fingers).  So, without further delay, here’s my five points from the weekend:

How about that Women’s World Cup final?

I was watching this game while doing housework, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. It was good to see the US Women’s team make a successful defense of their World Cup title. The Netherlands team played very well, holding the US without a goal in the first half for what was pretty much the first time in the tournament. However, the Americans did a very good job of cracking their opposition’s defense eventually.  That Rapinoe scored the first goal (and on a PK no less) was truly not a surprise.

It’s hotter in Nashville then I thought.

I picked up a thermometer gun from Amazon and, acting on a hunch, checked the temperatures around my windows. Since most of my windows in the apartment face east, mornings mean it’s usually pretty warm. The apartment comes with blinds, but the blinds are inside the window well. As a result, light gets out around the edges and that causes additional heat. The thermometer gun read 90 degrees or higher around my windows. Thus, one of my tasks on the long weekend was to install curtains. With any luck, my apartment will be much cooler and my energy bills much lower.

Command cord organizers actually have clasps.

I’ve used these things for years and never knew that they actually have a clasp that shuts to keep the cables from moving. I always assumed that the cables just rested in the arc and that was that. It turns out that I’ve been using them wrong the entire time. Figures!

Having several camera lenses is actually very useful.

I ordered three lenses for my Canon Rebel SL2. Two arrived on Saturday, one arrives today. Already I can see how nice it is to have a selection to choose from. The two that arrived Saturday were a 50mm prime lens (primes mean no zoom), and the other is a 10-18mm lens, which is good for wide angle shots. I shot a few pics of a thunderstorm on Sunday, and once they are developed I’ll share them out, but let’s just say that both the new lenses were quite handy.

I’ve taken ~2500 pictures with my cell phone since 2012.

I managed to get an archive of my cell phone pics to add to my photography computer. Turns out there were around 2500 since 2012, which translates to about 1 a day on average. I’ve been mulling over setting a target number of pictures to take a day, and right now I’m leaning towards either 48 or 72. When I owned a 35mm camera, 24 was a single roll, so it seems to me that a digital camera should allow me to average 2-3 rolls of 35mm film, if not more. I’m going to try to start today and see how I do.

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