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As mentioned in yesterday’s article, I received my 100mm Canon macro lens last night. I couldn’t wait to try it out, and here are a few results for your viewing enjoyment!

“Behold the toe beans!”

It was only fitting that the first subject I would use the lens on would be the cats. They’re usually pretty patient when I have a camera out, and Tazer will sometimes pose for me. But last night it was Buttercup doing all the posing in my office chair.

“No dirty toe beans in this house!”

Honestly, I’m pretty thrilled with how well these pictures turned out. I set a goal to take at least 72 pictures a day and yesterday’s total was 74. Two thirds were of the cats. Go figure.

“The Nose always knows when a can of tuna has been opened!”

One last picture. Again, this lens is really amazing for close-ups. You can see every individual piece of fur on her nose… every individual piece of fur waiting to fall onto my carpet where the vacuum will have to clean it.

“In House” Updates

Not much new to report this week from my house. There was a brief uproar when the vacuum made an appearance for the first time in awhile, and the spot carpet cleaner was *most* unwelcome according to Buttercup. Tazer has been lately protecting the bed from bedmice and keeping his skills sharp when none are around. Unfortunately, this also means that my feet have taken a bit of a beating. Good news is that he is perfecting his “bunny kick” technique.

“Out of Town” Updates

The friends list was fairly quiet this past week. If you have any updates, send them along!

Martin Toebean Tuesday

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