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Once again, another weekend has flown by. It’s Monday and time for most of us to go back to work, counting down the days until Friday is once more with us. Here’s my list of things that I encountered or was thinking about over the weekend which may get carried through the week:


Computer parts and problems…

If you were on my Facebook yesterday you saw a picture of what happened when I tried to take the SSD out of my photography computer. The power pins are intact and I was able to clone the drive over to another, meaning the computer returned to life last evening. Clearly I need to be smarter when it comes to where drives are in the physical computer… but at least I learned how to better handle cable management in them!


Missing pictures

I have a hunch that a number of my photos are actually still missing, and so I’m making it a priority this week to go through several old hard drives and see if I can locate them. As I was working on the photography computer I discovered a bunch of pictures stored on a drive that I remembered taking and did not remember seeing in the catalog. This led to my hunch. How will it end? We’ll have to wait and see.


If cats are active at dusk and dawn, why do mine bother me all day?

I’ve noticed that when I work from home, or on my weekends, my cats tend to do a fair amount of napping during the day but they also demand my attention during the day as well. I recently read somewhere that cats are crepuscular, meaning they are active when the sun is rising and setting. 3 PM is hardly sunset, even in the middle of winter, so why are they demanding my attention then? Or 11 AM? I think I need to get them more toys to keep them active… or figure out what they’ll play with (I have a box full of toys that they never use).

Closets + eBay = Potential spending $$$

I’ve had three board games that I bought a long time ago (at a place called the Wizard’s Keep in Muncie) when they were trying to clear out their inventory. On a lark, since the games never get used, I decided to place them on eBay. I don’t know if they’ll sell, but one of the games was going for at least $100, and another for $50 (looking at recently completed listings)… so if that’s true, I might have more than made up for what I paid for them (I think it was $10 apiece) if they sell.


I’m continuing to improve the website

I set up a Mailchimp account and should have an active link soon (once testing is done) for people to click on to subscribe to get the blog in their e-mail. Right now my main ways of reaching out to people about the website are Facebook and Twitter, and there are still plenty of people out there who don’t use either. If you’re interested in getting these posts as an e-mail (they usually go up around 7 AM EDT, and the e-mails would go out at 8), the link will definitely be a nice thing for you to use!

(Quick note:  The Mailchimp setup requires me to produce an actual address.  As I don’t want to reveal my actual address, I am in the process of setting up a PO Box for the future.)


Right… time to get ready for the week! See you tomorrow, when we talk about all things cats on Toebean Tuesday. (If you have any cat pictures, cat updates, cat news, or anything interesting cat-wise, send me a note!)

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