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Some of you may be wondering what I have been doing that has caused me to miss a couple of regularly-scheduled posts. The answer is a little complicated, but to put it briefly: I’ve been working on rearranging my “office” space.

Midway into the upgrade…

I’m a computer geek. I have several computers, including one for gaming and one for my photography and “home office” work. On Saturday I picked up a very slick 4K monitor at a very good price, and decided (somewhat on a lark) to rearrange my space and add a couple monitor stands.

The picture above shows the current state of things, midway into my work. You can see my photography computer on the right, and one of the two monitors on its stand. The other monitor doesn’t have the mounts for a stand, so I had to order a special mount for it which arrives Thursday. On the left, you can see the current setup of my gaming computer. This will be changing over the next couple days.

A slightly different angle… note the deer image on the monitor that’s second from the right

Here’s one more shot of things. The monitor with the deer on it is the new 4K monitor I acquired – that picture is NOT zoomed in at all. In fact, that’s normal zoom for Lightroom on that monitor. (You can probably guess now why I wanted a 4K monitor, and why I wanted that particular monitor hooked up to my photography computer)

What this means is that there may be a lack of posts this week as I get things reassembled. I promise, though, I’ll be making up for it when everything is done. And sharing pictures of the new setup. In the meantime, look for tidbits from me here and on Facebook.

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