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(Time once more for “Toebean Tuesday”, where we check in on all things “feline” across the friends list.  Got something you want included on a Tuesday? Drop me a note, send me an e-mail, or message me!)

Whose toebeans are these? They’re not from either of my cats…

Our mystery toebeans come to us compliments of my sister, Becky, and the newest member of their family – Howie. Howie joined my sister and her husband in his “forever home” last week. Named for Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jimmy Howard, Howie is a totally adorable four-month old tabby. He’s got plenty of kitten in him, meaning high-energy playing followed by high-energy naps.  

Looks like it’s time for a high-energy nap!

Tazer totally approves of his markings, by the way, even if he’s got more white on him than Tazer does.  (I swear someone ran my cat over a white paintbrush from chin to belly.) This cute guy has not only white mittens and boots but also a white scarf!  Or maybe it’s a vest. Either way, there’s more white on him though the stripes aren’t quite as prominent. 

One more of Howie, who I can’t wait to meet!

What a stretch!
Here’s a pic of Tazer when he was four months old, just for comparison’s sakes!
Here’s a pic from last night.  Still such an adorable sweetheart, isn’t he?

Not much else new in the world of cats this week, though I hear that there is a national nap deficit that needs to be addressed.  Cats all over the country need to take more naps to take care of it. Tell your cat to do their part today and address the National Nap Deficit!

Martin Toebean Tuesday

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