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Sorry for the delay in today’s post, folks.  I was working late last night on general housekeeping, and today got some… interesting… news that I may share at a later date.  For now, here’s my three items of interest from the weekend: 

Downtown Nashville is HOT

And I do mean in terms of actual heat, not figurative heat.  I went downtown to take some pictures on Saturday and it felt like close to 100.  Must be all that pavement and steel and such. Let’s just say that I learned my lesson:  Don’t go taking pictures downtown if the temperature is going to break 90. Good thing tomorrow’s forecast will be cooler!

Always pay attention to your photos

If you thought that the heat was bad, this was one of the pictures I took… let’s just say that I learned a very difficult lesson – pay attention to your photos when you take them and what the screen shows.  Also pay attention to the f-stop, because that’s one of the big reasons this photo is so light: 

That’s about what the heat felt like, at least…

Don’t try to move furniture alone

I added a 40-year old secretary desk to my furnishings and almost killed myself in the process.  My smart watch told me that I had a heart rate of ~150 bpm when I stopped after getting the first part of it inside.  At my age, that’s within the heart rate zone target for weight loss (which is good), but I was sweating buckets and buckets!  In fact, I went through two shirts on Sunday between the humidity and the workout of moving this thing upstairs. 

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a picture: 

What about you?  What did you find interesting over the weekend?  Leave your thoughts in the comments, or share them on our Facebook page!

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