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(Toebean Tuesday is our feature where we talk about the cats in our lives, show off toebeans, and otherwise just have some silly fun as we all work our way towards the weekend. Got a cat story to share? Some cat news? Drop us a line!)

Three sets of toebeans out of four isn’t bad!

A very quiet and lazy week in my household. The cats continue to work on reducing the National Nap Deficit as much as they can. Napping places have been varied, and recently there have been some new napping spots discovered. The bed remains the most popular of all napping spots, however, with two out of two cats approving of it.

And one blep for good measure!

I’ve had this quilt for a minute and decided to break it out to give the bedroom some more color. Considering two cats are napping on it, I’d say that it must be at least somewhat popular with the other denizens of the apartment.

Unfortunately, it’s good for more than just naps…

Unfortunately, the Princess has resumed her efforts at blowing the whole place up, citing that both Tazer and I are “silly boys”. She has yet to learn how to light the catnip dynamite, but judging from her reactions after rubbing and licking the stuff, she’s ready to go off like a firecracker!

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