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I’ve been a bit busy today on the website and there are a couple new features that I’ve added.

If you’re on a computer, there’s a little button on the top right that will show a menu of pages. You can click on that to see the three pages that now exist:

Photography Projects
About Everything
Contact Me

“About Everything” was always there, just a different name.

Photography Projects

I’ve started posting some of my photography projects on the website. You can go check them out and I’ll post a news article whenever there’s something worthy of mention going up. The pictures are all mine, so please don’t take them and use them in other places unless we’ve talked first. (They do have watermarks and other features as well)

If you really like what you see and want me to do some photography work for you, then awesome! That’s why I created…

Contact Me

It’s very plain and basic, I know, but I’m not feeling too fancy yet. Want to contact me? Here’s the place you can do it. I usually answer anything I get within a day, but weekends might be longer or shorter depending on what’s going on.

There will be more coming soon, and we’ll be back on a regular update cycle in short order. Let’s just say that this past week has been a bit extraordinary and I’m still catching up on everything.

Enjoy the weekend!

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