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Sorry this is late (I am backdating it to Monday, but it’s clearly Wednesday according to my calendar), but this was my first time doing a podcast/blog combo and there’s clearly some kinks to work out of the system. That being said, let’s get into the three interesting news articles I came across and shared on Monday’s podcast episode:

Does Catnip Really Make Cats “High”? (Spoiler: Misleading Article Title)

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This interesting article showed up in Live Science on Friday and I clicked it, expecting to get an answer to the question they posed in their title. Instead, what I got was some detail on how catnip works, discussion of a 2017 study, and an otherwise inconclusive article that left the question still unanswered. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the folks at Live Science have to get a lot of articles written and produced quickly to stay relevant, but I’ve learned that if you pose a question in an article title, you’d better be able to really answer it.

The “Iron Scow” of Niagara Falls Has Moved (First time in 110 years)

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(Link to the story of the “Iron Scow”)

Last week’s storms left a lot of people without power, brought snow to parts of the country, and otherwise made a windy and wet mess of things. As the storms went through upstate New York, though, they caused a 110-year old wreck that had been sitting just above the falls at Niagara to shift its position. No one can say for sure if the “Iron Scow” will move again or if it’s found a new settling spot… but it made for an interesting dive into history!

Columbia Sportswear’s “One Tough Mother” Passes Away

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Gert Boyle passed away Sunday at the age of 95. Boyle was the matriarch of Columbia Sportswear, one of my personal favorite brands (their products LAST). Boyle became the head of Columbia when her husband died suddenly of a heart attack. She helped turn the company around from near bankruptcy and led it to incredible profitability in the sportswear industry. In some ways (maybe I’ll cover this another day), her story is similar to that of Katharine Graham, who took over the Washington Post in 1963 after the death of her husband and helped the newspaper’s stock price increase from $26/share to $222/share – a 10x increase.

Look for another blog article on Wednesday, and likely a podcast accompanying it!

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