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There is a new episode of the Geeky Musings podcast up and you can listen to it here. I spend time talking about Mister Rogers and how that ties in to a conversation I had with a lady at Goodwill last week.

I’m sure the question I asked in the podcast article requires a much deeper answer than just the one I’ve given, but I also think that it’s worth thinking about as well. More and more the social discourse is shifting away from harmony to disharmony – from finding common ground to finding grounds for division. Worse, the refrain that is being spoken more and more is one from childhood: “They started it.”

I’ve made a promise to stay away from the topics of religion and politics in the blog as much as I can. That’s a promise I intend to adhere to. Yet I can’t help but think that much of what is going on in society these days could be tamped down, if not avoided altogether, if we focused less on what divides us and more on what unites us. Maybe I am just an idealist, I don’t know. I just have to wonder what Mister Rogers would think about the world today, less than twenty years after his death.

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