Game Settings

For those of you who have played OOTP or simply want to see the game’s settings, here they are:

Quickstart:  2012 Season
Batter aging:  .250
Batter dev:  1.000
Pitcher aging:  .375
Pitcher dev:  .900
Talent change:  67

AI Evaluation Weightings
Ratings Weight:  40%
Current Year Stats:  30%
Previous Year Stats:  20%
2 Years Ago Stats:  10%

AI Trading
AI Trading Frequency:  Average
Trading Difficulty:  Average
Trading Preference:  Neutral

Rating Scales
Player Actual Ratings:  1-20
Player Potential Ratings:  1-20
Other Player Ratings:  1-20
Coach/Scout Ratings:  1-20
Overall/Potential:  20-80
Potential < Actual:  Yes
Ratings > Max:  Yes

Injury Frequency:  High